Dopamine agonist for erectile dysfunction

Dopamine agonist for erectile dysfunction

A dopamine agonist is a medicine used to treat the loss of dopamine. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that plays an important role in transmitting messages between the brain and spinal cord. It helps brains send signals to body parts for an erection process.

Dopamine has a role in our mood, movements, behavior, and how we feel. Any change in this brain chemical causes disruption in normal behavior. In association with serotonin, dopamine plays a vital role in the erection process in males. These neurotransmitters help cells communicate with each other. The smooth transmitting of messages leads to a healthy erection process. So any loss of dopamine reduces the role of the brain in the erection process. The dopamine agonist is prescribed to cure dopamine-induced erection issues.

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The function of dopamine agonist

Two main categories of dopamine agonist are ergoline and non ergoline. The first-generation medicines were ergoline. They had some serious side effects like heart and lung related issues.

The nonergoline medicines are bound to more specific receptors and have less serious side effects. Medical consultations are necessary to understand which type will be used for the treatment of any specific brain issue.

Dopamine loss in the brain can cause adverse effects on movement, behavior, mood, and hormone-related disorders. The medicine helps in dealing with emotional and mental issues that arise out of dopamine loss including erectile dysfunction.

The dopamine agonist binds D1 and D2 dopamine receptors in the brain to improve the disorder by enhancing the effect of remaining neurotransmitters. This is because there are two groups of dopamine D 1 and D2. Each group has receptors. D1 has D1 and D 5 receptors, while D2 has D 2 3, and 4 receptors. By binding, the effect of the dopamine is increased to improve mental functions and subsequently our behavior.

However, medical consultations are needed to ensure that the dose is adequate to deal with the severity of the problem. Some side effects such as impulse control and addiction are noted by patients with higher than necessary dopamine agonist doses.

Effect on erectile dysfunction

Sleep disorders, emotional concerns, and other related mental issues that are caused by erectile dysfunction are cured with a dopamine agonist dose. Males who suffer from Parkinson’s disease are also treated with this medicine. Parkinson’s disease is one of the several neurological problems that cause erectile dysfunction in males. Any brain issue that is disturbing the brain leads to erection issues. The brain cannot send the neurotransmitters to the spinal cord for erection. The erection happens when a male is aroused enough for it. The brain signals play a vital role in stimulating the blood flow, which causes the erection.

By curing the root of the cause behind erectile dysfunction, dopamine agonists can cure erectile dysfunction as well. It has also been observed that medicine dopamine agonist increased libido in some Parkinson’s patients to some extent.

Use ED medicines after consultations

Treatment of imbalance in brain chemicals by dopamine agonist is sufficient to cure erectile dysfunction in males who had mild degrees of erection issue. However, if other health indicators are normal and erection issues are only due to loss of dopamine, then treatment with dopamine agonist will be sufficient to get back erection issues. Only after treatment with dopamine agonists, the male can use 200 mg Sildenafil citrate to overcome higher erection difficulties.

The side -effects of dopamine medication depend on whether ergoline or non- ergoline dose was used, the duration of use, and individual health status. Some Side effects will go away without medical intervention. Some may last a few days. But do not stop the medication without doctor intervention. There are chances that stopping the dopamine agonist leads to withdrawal symptoms.

The normal erection will happen with the cure of underlying mental or emotional issues. Sometimes, after the cure, there may be a need for Generic Levitra 40 mg doses for desired erection. Medical guidance is needed to get the right dose, as the patient needs to understand how ED medicine will impact recovery after dopamine agonist use.


A dopamine agonist is a medicine used to treat dopamine loss or reduction in the brain. It is one of the effective treatments for the brain or emotional issues that emerge from an imbalance in brain chemicals by low dopamine, a brain chemical. It is often suggested for patients with Parkinson’s disease. Its role in erectile dysfunction comes from its treatment of emotional and mental issues behind erectile problems.